Original BBQ Sauce


Our first original sauce that was made because the other sauces on the market were to smoky, sweet, ketchup tasting, and just cheap tasting. This sauce isn't too thick or thin for your BBQing needs. We have received emails that customers have used our sauce in different ways, which included one customer that said they dip their fries in it for the flavor.



As a Chef, my kids would always ask me to make them a BBQ sauce from scratch. After a few years of tasting and testing, Guilty Gator sauce was born using a complex bunch of spices and ingredients that differ from most of the other sauces on the market. This original BBQ sauce has a blend of flavor and that Louisiana kick that Louisiana residents long for. Enjoy this sauce on not only BBQ meats, but on burgers, fries, chicken, etc.. it’s flavorful, not just sweet or smoky like other sauces.

Available in 16 oz. size at the present time.

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Weight 16 oz


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